Friday, 1 September 2017

Pickering West Shore Community Association Update

Pickering West Shore Community Association Update

At the beginning of the year Pickering was taking feedback for what would become the proposed Skateboard Park Strategy.  One of the PWSCA members saw the work myself and other skaters were putting into getting improved facilities in Pickering. The Association applied for, and received, a grant to hire two students; One to design an accessible sensory garden and one to design a skatepark for the West Shore area.
They both worked very hard through the summer and presented progress reports every time we met.
Our final meeting was held in a boardroom at city hall and was attended by City of Pickering Staff Members and Ward 1 Councillor Maurice Brenner.

The Skatepark Design Project student, Syd Patterson, had created a great presentation focusing on the area I've been pushing for since the Petticoat Creek location was shut down. Syd's presentation solidified West Shore Community Centre as the best location for a skatespot. There is more work to be done but it's all coming together.
Photos courtesy of Maurice Brenner 

Final meeting with Students, PWSCA members and City Staff.

3 amazing concept parks by Syd Patterson
Concept 1

 Concept 2

 Concept 3

Sensory Garden design. Pat did a fifty thousand dollar design and concept job for $3000.
Well done sir.

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