Monday, 25 March 2013

365 Project

365 project.
The Groundhog lied.
 Day 078 Faceplanted and broke the screen.
Day 079 Corndog Day
Day 080
 Day 081 Happy Birthday William Shatner (in Futurama form)
 Day 082 Earth Hour
 Day 083 Crail stall
Day 084 Let's call this an assisted shuv-it.

Monday, 18 March 2013

365 Project continues...

365 Project continues
Day 074 Mark Hoppus' Birthday.
 Day 075  GSP def. Diaz.
Day 076 Celebrating with Patrick on St. Patricks Day.
Day 077  New bowl at Ashbridges Bay is DEEP. Like, Scary Deep.

Friday, 15 March 2013

365 Project in March2

 Day 068 fakie 5-0
 Day 069 Still looking good after midnight. (he he 69)
 Day 070 Douglas Adams Birthday. The answer is always 42!
 Day 071
 Day 072 Nosepick Disaster
Day 073 Pi Day 

365 project in March

So March got cold again and forced me back inside. Stupid Albino Groundhog.
 Day 063 Drove up to Sutton, ON to check out where their building the new skatepark only to find out it's done and partially cleaned out by locals.
Day 064. Working on some big fakie piviots.
 Day 065 Uh-ohh!
 Day 066 Nosepick grab drop-in.
Day 067 Blood; It's going to come pouring out of me one way or another.

Monday, 4 March 2013

month 2 extras

Some month 2 extras
 My 3rd place prize in CJ's 18+ Foam pit compatition.
 Feb 4 - Canada discontinues use of the penny.
 Playing with lights and shutter speed.
 Up and over 5 foot mark of a 7 foot wall.
 Nige gets his rock on.
 Finn can do anything!
 Wallride to rock-fakie to handplant transfer.
Skate Trip
The Ward, Guelph, ON  Park 133
wall ride over skating vulture.

Onward, upward and elsewhere.

February into March. Got to do some great skating and skate related things.
 Day 058 Perspective is everything.
 Day 059 After skating @ The Ward in Guelph I went to Elmira to their first skatepark planning meeting and got to meet Kyle, the kid who started it all, and Jim Barnum of Spectrum Skateparks. So Cool!
Day 060 Lightning bolt.
Day 61 Dr Seuss' Birthday.
Day 062