Friday, 3 January 2020

Pickering Skate Competition BBQ

Pickering Skate Competition BBQ
Twice a the City of Pickering hosts a skate comp at the now 20+ year old skatepark. This year at the second event, the Pickering West Shore Community Association with The Pickering Skateparks Alliance hosted a free BBQ for Skaters and Spectators. 
I'd say it went well as we were asked to come back for both competitions next year.


Ryan with the sweet feeble fakie
Riley with the 5-0 and Nose grind

Riley again with wallride shuv
Kris holding it down.
Young Winners
Old Winners. (Middle Winners not pictured)

See you in 2020!

Tuesday, 31 December 2019


2019...Kinda in review.
Alright so, the good stuff; Hit 11 parks in one day & then hit 50 parks in one day. Hit 32 new parks. Tooks road trips to Brockville, Ottawa and Montreal. Hosted a BBQ for the Pickering Skateboard Competition. Got a cute little drone with my Air Miles. Appeared in a friends skate edit. Got to meet a bunch of Skatepark Buliders & somehow worked my photos onto the Newline Skateparks Website.
11 Park Day!!

50 Park Day!!!!!

Road Rage East Toronto 2019

I get paid in Hoodies! Thanks New Line!

The Bad
September 16, 2019
First broken bone but I now have the greatest X-ray of all time.
It sure put a damper on my autumn but yesterday...

Here's to 2020

Thursday, 12 December 2019

Impact Skate Club

After years of great work in the City of Toronto, Impact now has a space to call their own. I got to check it out with the L8R Skaters Gang. My first real skate after busting my clavicle. Park #378!
Learn more about Impact HERE

Friday, 8 November 2019

Seaton Skate Spot

My contact in the parks dept. recently asked me to put something together outlining the
needed obstacles for a small skate spot that is being planned for Seaton in North
Let me know what you think,
Agree/disagree, in the comments. PS IDK why the spacing and layout is so messed up

HI City of Pickering Staff
As per our discussion, here is some info on simple skate spots. 
A skate spot of 150msq to 600msq does not allow for a multitude of obstacles so it is
best to start with the basics and build from there. A ledge (Approx 40-50cm high,
60-100cm wide and 3m or more long) and a
flat rail (Approx 40-50cm high, 10cm wide and 3m long) are the fundamental elements of a
skate spot.
Thompson Skate Spot in Aurora has these two features laid out in a ‘skate path’ style.

The next step up from this set-up would include a Ledge/Manny pad combo.
This three obstacle spot is Jubilee Skate
Spot in Georgetown. It features a
Ledge/Manny pad, a small ‘A’ frame bank
and another ledge element. It is short one flat rail.

Chatfield District park includes a quarter
pipe and an ‘A’ frame with rail and hubba
(down ledge) in a ‘V’ shaped layout.

Holland Landing’s new skatepark in small yet includes all the major features.
It was also well planned and has no in park drainage. Water runs off the concrete without
puddling on the park surface.

Many small parks are laid out in a line. An advantage of these ‘Path Style’ skate spots is that
they can be designed for areas where traditional sport courts won’t fit. They work well
when built adjacent to the main path or wrapping around another park feature.
Angus Glen Skate Spot wraps around a basketball court. 

Leithcroft Skate Trail is adjacent to the main walking trail.

Secondary features to include if there is room would include a small quarter pipe and/or a bank.
The small quarter at ARC is very popular. A Quarter Pipe 18-24” tall with a 5’ radius
would work for all rider levels.

Long and low ‘A’ frames (with or without extra features like gaps and rails) are easy for
novice riders but can be enjoyed by more advanced riders. 

Here are a few examples of transition (bowl) based skate spots
12 Oaks, Vaughan & GWNP- mini bowl, Markham

Other features that can help a spot stand out include patterned concrete or brick at the
entrance/exit. It signifies the start and end of the skate zone.

A laser cut support for a flat rail would be great for displaying the parks name or some
inspiring words.

Another way to go for a skate spot is a sculptural piece of art that is made to be skated
but with Pickering’s limited skateparks I feel that would be better left for a later spot when
there is already some existing terrain. Here are some examples.
Ray St skate dot, Markham.
Quebec City Plaza features include several skatable sculptural pieces.  

Thanks as always for including me. Two smaller skate spots have opened in Scarborough in
the last year at Neilson Park and Fundy Bay Park. I suggest you and staff take a field trip to
some local spots and get a sense of what might work but I’ll emphasize: Flat Ledge, Flat Rail -
Then add from there.
Other info can be found here.

Thursday, 31 October 2019

What an epic day

Back in July, two friends and I set out to break the record for 'Most Skateparks Skated in One Day'
Here's the video. 

5AM. Hadn't slept much. 

Park #2. Ajax Community Centre. I was originally going to skip a lot of modular parks, including this one, but when I had to bump up to numbers from 38 to 50 all parks were fair game. I got a boardslide here but we somehow missed the clip.

Park #10. North Oshawa Park. 

Park #12. McKinney where I got the fakie tailstall finger shuv first try. It would be a finger flip at the same park that would break my collarbone.

Park #13. ARC. Hit the AJAX 

Park #25. Got here just before noon. Half way done.


Park #30. Hillside Park in Vaughan

Park #38. Chinguacousy Park in Brampton. When we got here I pointed out my line to Chris and got it first try until I slid out on a One-foot Willy at the end. 

Park #46. Gellert Skatepark in Georgetown. Tying the record set by the Colorado Boys.

Park #47. 3 Musktears Skatepark in Acton. New Record!

Park #50. Milton Community Skatepark. Jello legs but I managed to carve and slash over the stairs and call it a day. We finished before 10PM and now my friends are asking 'what are we doing next year?'

The next day everything weighed a million pounds so I was happy when my daughter took a nap.

I retired the board. It earned it.

Friday, 25 October 2019

Taking a break

Taking a Break
Yes, this is real. 
Yes, it hurt.
Yes, I did it skateboarding.
Yes, I'll be back soon.

Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Chatfield District Park

Chatfield District Park
Vaughan, ON
100 Lawford Rd
This nice little spot is finally open, making it the 10th skate spot in Vaughan.

Barrier, manny pad/low ledge, hipped bank, flat rail, high ledge, 'A' frame with rail, hubba & roller into a nice quarter pipe.