Sunday, 24 March 2019

Pickering Skatepark Shovel Out

Pickering Skatepark Shovel Out
On March 15 The Pickering Skateparks Alliance organized a shovel out of the Pickering Skatepark.
With Coffee and Doughnuts generously supplied by the Pickering West Shore Community Association, I began shoveling alone but others started filtering in. In 2 hours, the 6 of us had cleared most of the park. Some spots had up to 6 inches of ice. We joked that "When we have a bowl worth clearing out, We'll do it!"

Sunday, 24 February 2019

Pickering's 2019 Budget

Pickering's 2019 Budget
EDIT* The budget has been approved. $1.1mil for 3 skatepark projects. An outside consultant has been hired to deal with corporate sponsorships and naming rights. Check out @PickeringSkateparksAlliance on Instagram for the latest.
Pickering's 2019 Budget draft is available on the city’s website but here’s what I’m excited about. It budgets for 3 skateparks. One Civic Centre (main) skatepark and two smaller skate spots. The spots have a budget of 200000$ which is great and the Main park has a budget of 700000$ which is ok. Hopefully other options will be explored to increase that budget by at least 50K. Pickering’s new skatepark needs to have the same draw as the one at Audley Rec. Centre (ie: quality park, interesting features of all sizes for different skill levels, a bowl and most importantly, Lighting) or users will continue to go to Ajax for a park that can be skated after sundown. Contact your councillor or make a delegation and ask for more funding for the park. We deserve it. Spread the word! 
You can check out the Budget HERE.

Toronto's Bowls and Mini-Ramps

Toronto's Bowls and Mini-Ramps
Their not all great but here ya go, transition lovers.
Follow the link for locations and to see more of the park.

RIP- Skateparks of Toronto's Past

RIP- Skateparks of Toronto's Past

Shred Central

SkateLoft 1.0

CJ's Skatepark Toronto

Cj's has reopened in Mississauga. 
Check it out HERE.

The Baitshop Ramp
Whereabouts unknown.

Toronto Island DIY
I'm just assuming it's gone

Toronto Skateparks

I've broken down the Toronto page to make it a little easier to browse through. 
Yonge Street (pronounced young ) is the East/West dividing line of Toronto.
Check out the Toronto map HERE

East of Yonge (10 parks)

West of Yonge (8 parks)

Indoor Parks (1 park)

Seasonal Parks (4 parks)

Pop-up Parks (3 parks)

Bowls and Mini-ramps (9 parks)

The Snake Pit DIY

RIP (5 parks)

Toronto's Seasonal Skateparks

Toronto's Seasonal Skateparks

There are additional seasonal parks in Toronto I haven't been to yet
Follow Toronto Skateboarding Committee for more info.

Jimmie Simpson Rec Centre
Phil White Arena

West Toronto

West Toronto
Click the link for more photos and location.

Dufferin Grove Skatepark

Dufferin Grove Skatepark
aka Duff Grove
Seasonal Park. Lit til 11