Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Thursday, 3 January 2019

Pickering Museum Expansion

Pickering Museum Expansion 
A new build with a public library, community rooms and archives is being planned for the Pickering Museum site. If you haven't been to the Pickering Museum I suggest you check it out. It's and old pioneer village and parts of the Anne of Green Gables and other movies were filmed there. There is an online survey asking Pickering residents what they want the new building used for. This includes activities for youth, art installations etc. 
There is an online survey and two public input sessions.
  • Come to the Open House at Greenwood Community Centre located at 3551 Greenwood Road on Monday, January 21 at 7:00 pm
  • Come to the Open House at George Ashe Community Centre located at 470 Kingston Road on Tuesday, January 22, at 7:00 pm
A Micro Skateboard Spot would be great for the Greenwood Communities Kids and Youth. 

Garden City Skate Spot in Richmond, BC.

This small spot would fit nicely with any landscaped area on the upper Museum grounds and would fill the need for skate terrain in the north east of Pickering.

Find out more from the City of Pickering HERE

More info from the Pickering Museum Village HERE

Take the Survey HERE
REMEMBER - Micro Skateboard Spot

Sunday, 30 December 2018

CJ'S Skatepark

CJ'S Skatepark
560 Hensall Circle
Mississauga, Ontario

CJ'S Re-opened (to the public) in their new location on October 31, 2018, over a year after closing the old location.
Set-backs aside, the new location is something to behold. There's a bigger street section with a bunch of rails, ledges, manny pads and hubbas. The old mini-bowl is back on the second level that also has a great view of the park and the party rooms.
There is another 5' mini-ramp as well.
To vert ramp is slightly narrower than the last location.
The new Foam Pit not only has the giant roll-in and quarter pipe launcher but also features a 5 stair with a rail and hubbas.

Larger Pro Shop

5 set foam pit.

New 5' Mini

Q Hubba has already seen some crazy tricks go down
Like I said. Curbs are Back!

Doorway to Gnars-ville

Tuesday, 11 December 2018

The Best of 2018!

The Best of 2018!

2018 was a pretty good year despite a week in a wrist cast and a twisted ankle. I made it out on a couple road trips and got to 20 new parks. One of the highlights was the Toronto Van winning the video contest for SkateLife's Road Rage East 2018

I also saw some things at different skateparks that set them apart. There are some great ideas out there that need to be more widespread.

Shade and Water

The skatepark in Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, QC has a youth centre attached with a covered basketball court, washrooms, water fountains and an amazing, spacious park.
Several of the Montreal area skatparks have this water fountain. It features two height bubblers and a water bottle filler.

Nice Small Parks
I made it out to a couple on really nice, small parks. These parks are great for a neighbourhood park or a smaller community. 
Greensborough-Williamson Neighbourhood Skatespot. Markham, ON
Granton, ON

Great Large Parks
On the flipside, I also got out to some massive (for Canada) parks
Montreal,QC – Rosemont Skatepark in Parc Pere Marquette. Super popular park and lit until 11 at night.

Original Features
With an increasing abundance of designers and builders, many working together, we're getting lot's of really cool and distinct skatepark features.
Welland, ON - The new park has a big taco/funbox/slappy ledge and a neat cut-out/step-up with a slappy bar.
The park in St. Hubert,QC has replicated street.
The Salaberry-du-Valleyfield, QC park has a cool sculpture surrounded by ledges and a mini-ramp.

RosemontSkatepark has this cool stone bump to ollie over. 

This Bench!
This Bench at the All-wheels Skatepark in Stratford, ON has a solar powered USB charging station.

Also in Stratford, the local Rotary Club provided a bunch of these seating stones and a well designed sign.

 Save The Trees!
The phase 2 of the Stratford park is a BMX track. It was designed to fit around all the existing trees.
The trees on the Welland Skatepark site were preserved around the built up bowl.

Curbs Are In!
Slappys for days!
Granton, ON & St. Hubert, QC

The two podcasts I've been listening to this year are; The Skatepark Podcast presented by The Tony Hawk Foundation. It's about skatepark advocacy. The other one is Skatosis. It's by a couple of skateboard loving dudes from Wisconsin.
Check them on youtube as well.


The best part of skateboarding after being on the board is the friendships.

Here's the 20 new parks in a badly edited video. Enjoy