Tuesday, 26 February 2013

365 project goes on and on and on and on......

Some days are great, some are rough.
 Day 051 Wall riding over Neil.
Day 052 Skating with skaters...in video form. Learning some old school.
Day 053 Transworlds "And Now" 
 Day 054 Element gear kit and first aid supplies from my lovely wife.
 Day 055 Adventure Time. Hi Yaa!
 Day 056 Getting lines. Wall-ride with nose-blunt drop-in off the box.
Day 057 Fairys skate too.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

365 Project....Skate On!

Mid-February. At least it's warm in my house(thankfully). 
Day 042 Fakie fs 50-50 rock to fakie.
Day 043 Bad shot of the pancakes I ate before skating. Pancake Day!
Day 044 Rough day. Only gonna get worse.
Day 045 Happy Valentines.
Day 046 This ones for Beepers.RIP.
Day 047 Innovation day.
Day 048 
Day 049 Actioncam app.
Day 050. Dead Tired!

Sunday, 10 February 2013

365Skate Project

My continuing adventures of skating everyday has led me to new levels of insanity. Or maybe it's the foot of snow outside. Anyways.....
Day 036 Learned the Noseblunt Drop-in. 
Day 037 Helmet cam shot.
 Day 038 Good ramp maintenance is key to longevity.
 Day 039 Got a little influence from DMODW  http://thebarrierkult.blogspot.ca/
 Day 040 Read in the Bathtub Day (daysoftheyear.com/) after skating of course.
Day 041. Umbrella Day (daysoftheyear.com/)

Monday, 4 February 2013

365 Project

365 Project moves into month 02!
Day 032  Tying my previous record of most consecutive days skated.
 Day 033 New banner looks good.
Day 034 It's Aleve. I had a headache. skated anyways. 
Day 035 Playing with some long exposures.

Month 01 extras

End of the month so I thought I'dd throw up some shots that were cool but weren't the photo of the day.
 Blunt rock fakie.
 Spiderman tweaked
 Tailstall backside revert

 Amy nails the camera like a (go)pro
 Rick catches me getting the transfer.
4 part burst shot of the wallride.

365 project End of the Month 01

Last 4 days of January
 day 028
Day 029 Hitting my back off the ceiling.
Day 030 My best friend Rick came out to check the ramps.
Day 031 New toys. I earned them.

Coming up next....February and some month 01 extras.