Friday, 8 September 2017

Frankford, ON

Frankford, ON
Frankford Tourist Park (Tourist Park Road) is home to brand new park as of summer 2017. It's designed by Spectrum Skateparks and built by skaters.

 There is a bunch of landscaping to be done but the park is open. Bring a broom.
 Bank to barrier and nice mellow quarter pipe.
 Big 2 Block with hubba, step-up and out ledge.
 Ledges and manny pad.  Small 2 flat 3 stair set with rail and hubba.
Step-up Quarters 
 Fine work on the details. 
 Tight mini-ramp that can also be a bank-ledge-bank. Scooter resistant?

Bank to ledge.

 Slappy-able ends to the ledge. Little things like this can really make a park stand out.
 More great craftmanship. Grind smoothly from coping to crete & vice versa.

Tour video.

Spott's travel gear. I always travel with at least one complete in my car. This day I had 2 and used both for different tricks. Camera and phone to document everything. A hat to hold my phone for filming. Water, obviously. Skate shoes. I wear different shoes when I drive and have to walk a dirt path to the park. 
Lastly, My Broom! It's a big broom with a squeegee. The handle is a telescoping handle for a paint roller and it's great for storing in my small car.
Oh yeah. The Rock? I grab a rock from near each park and put it in my rock garden at home.

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