Friday, 1 September 2017

Parc Arthur Therrien

Parc Arthur Therrien
I've been hoping to hit this park since I first spotted some construction photos on Instagram.
Park #319.
 This park has everything you could want (short of a bowl, but there's plenty of transition). There is a great replicated street section and some street lamps in the park. Their not really bright but enough to skate at night. 

 Concrete coping over gap.

 Pole Jam & step-up gap

 6 step quarter pipe

 Street with hydrant


Great ledge/manny pad combo


  1. This one looked worth goin to. Constructive criticism: put the address of the park for each park

  2. There are addresses for 99.7% of the parks on my blog. There is also a full map. If you can't Google 'Parc Arthur Therrien Montreal' I can't help you.