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Life List updated to October 2015

Life List

Great Canadian Skate Trip (with rating) 22 parks in 21 days
Thunder Bay D-
Forks Winnipeg A                                                             (NL)
Swift Current, SK    A+                                                    (NL)
Calgary A+++                                                                     (Ssk8)
Golden Freeride park B+                                              (NL)
Revelstoke D
Lumby C                                                                               (Ssk8)
Coldstream A                                                                     (Ssk8)
Ben Lee Kelowna A-                                                       (NL)
Penticton Youthpark A                                                  (NL)
Nanaimo B++                                                                     (NL)
Ucluelet B++                                                                      (NL)
Tofino A-                                                                             (NL)
Vic West B+                                                                        (NL)
Squamish A+                                                                      (Ssk8)
Whistler (C+) & Original Snake Run (A)                   (Ssk8)
Kamloops Rotary A                                                          (NL)      
Edmonton Church Downs B                                         (Ssk8)
Winnipeg Happyland B-
Kenora B+                                                                           (Ssk8)
Marathon C
Espenola D
Lawrence & Weston - concrete preforms on a concrete base. Small but never busy.
Cummer – Older of Toronto’s concrete parks.  Still fun.
Bathurst & Dundas. Nice wood mini-pipe and some obstacles.  Seasonal park
East York - Small new park.  2 hubbas have been capped with granite ledges. Locals have added a pipe for jamming and a wall ride. Park is tight but fun when it’s not busy (Ssk8)
Vanderhoof - best bowl on southern ON (for now) needs more street (Ssk8)
Port Union – Originally a wood preform park. Now a pretty good concrete park. (Ssk8)
Warden & Ellesmere - awesome new park with large bowl section to come. (Ssk8)
Etobicoke - preform park in tennis court. Preforms may be from temporary east york park because they have x-village stickers on them

GTA Parks
Mississauga Icelands (NL)
Mississauga Credit River
Brampton            Ray Lawson - cruddy wood park – continual expansion but best suited for bmx
McMurchy – lots of preforms on old parking lot. Pre-fab mini pipe is good.
Jim Archdekin – see ray lawson without the expansion.
Chinguacousy Park - beautiful 15000 foot concrete park with some cool features not found in other parks (Ssk8)
Sandalwood and ching - preforms on a fresh asphalt base. mini with spine.
Markham - beautiful graffiti free park. (Ssk8)
Richmond hill - Metal preform park on fresh asphalt base, all ramps are placed on a concrete slab.
Pickering - booo, Quarter pipes that have safety rails at the top
Ajax North - metal preforms on concrete base
Ajax South (41) - metal preforms on concrete base
Whitby Iroquois – Old concrete park. I like it.
Whitby McKinney – New concrete park. I like it.  Great mini-pipe.
Oshawa - donevan rec. Center.  Fun park. Old but good lines
Whitby Psych ghetto gym park - if you’ve never been it’s too late now
Road Trip
Georgetown – sucks. Lame little park kinda like a wading pool where all obstacles lead to the center.
Bowmanville - see Pickering. Same builders. Quarter pipes that have safety rails at the top. Park narrows to 8 feet in the middle.  May have been demolished
Madoc - super sweet concrete park with pretty much everything including a bunny park. July 25, 2007(Ssk8)
Havelock, ON - Unacceptable. I thought there was nothing worse than Brampton but I was wrong. July 26, 2007.  (Now gone May 2014)
Milton - beautiful long style park.  Great for practice.
Bolton – sweet long park (Ssk8) Phase 2 bowl complete.
Acton - worth the drive. only downfall is one unlevel concrete joint.  (NL)
Baden - surprised anything was there, but don’t waste your time.
Courtice - Rob Piontek memorial skateparkgreat park. good times. (NL)
Brooklin - A quandary.  Not that good a park but apparently well cared for. Totally skateable, just not well conceived.  Asphalt base with moulded 4 set and grind bars, pre-fab box, bank and 3 quarters. 
Shred Central – poop
Orangeville (NL) so nice, like Acton and Bolton combined.
Vaughn (NL)   Nice park.  Really easy to skate and improve skills.
Brantford (NL) Sweet plaza style park with common elements of a skatepark.   Cool mini with benches reminds me of China Banks, SF.
Hamilton – Turner park(ssk8) New plaza park next to police station. Everything is really original and smooth.  Bowl is wicked (sorry Hoof)(#60)
Malton – concrete preforms on concrete base like Weston &Lawrence.  Lots of things packed into a small space.
Hamilton - Waterdown(NL) - best bowl in Ontario. smooth with good heights and a nice spine.
Keswick(ssk8) – Similar to cummer but actually skateable.(63)
Cj’s Skatepark - Very nice park, Mini with spine and roller, mini with extension.(64)
Kitchener – The Aud,  Classic old park with a great set-up(65)
Bala (NL)- nice sk8 spot. 1st picnic bench I've found in ON (66)
Cambridge(ssk8) – Riverside park is ok. New bowl is nice.(Brampton(sandalwood) & this make 68)
Mississauga/Clarkson -  good assortment of ledges and rails  Big # 69!!!
Ashbridges Bay – Interesting plaza style layout.  Park can handle lots of skaters.(ssk8)  #70!
Xtreme wheels Buffalo NY. Big indoor park with tons of stuff.

LONDON TRIP July 19, 2010
A- Naiomi-Almeida Park* small newline skatespot
B - White Oaks Optimist Park*
C - Basil Grover Park* spectrum skatespot
D - West Lions Park  #75
E - Kiwanis Skateboard Plaza NEW newline plaza   # 76
F - Stronach Park NL
Orillia – Top 3 worst Parks in Canada. Lousy construction.  Ridiculous “quarter pipe with vert”.   Coping sits on top of quarter.  Enough flat bars to allow for actual skating.
Huntsville – Great flow to the park.  Nice bowl.  Bad run off issues floods park with thick dirt after rain. Bring shovel and broom.(ssk8)
Bracebridge – Nice park in shaded area. Not a fan of the bridge element.  Super smooth bowl. The pit seems to suck you in.(ssk8)
Barrie – Old park with giant elements.  Like Kitchener and Orillia had a giant (ugly) baby. Probably the worst Acceptable park.(#82)
Lindsay – Metal performs on decent asphalt pad.  1st of City of Kawartha Lakes 3 parks.
Omemee - Metal performs on decent asphalt pad.  2nd of City of Kawartha Lakes 3 parks.  Exact same performs as Lindsay.
Uxbridge – Dirt cheap wood ramps on concrete base. (85)
Port Hope, ON – Nice concrete park, typical park style. Flow is excellent.(ssk8)
Warkworth, ON – Metal preforms on old asphalt parking lot.
Campbellford, ON – Awesome park by the river.  Great use of granite and natural stone. Sweet pool coping.  My favourite bowl ever with a huge bank with granite at the top, a steep pool style shallow end, perfect mini pipe area, a big deep end with slight oververt, a couch, and a rocking roll in roll out area with pool coping.(ssk8) (88)
Port Perry, ON – Bank, pyramid, quarter and mini-pipe preforms on a concrete base.
Orono, ON – Concrete preforms on concrete base.  Arrangement of obstacles is very poor. (90)
London – Medway Bowl.  Really nice big bowl with a pool coping deep end, a spine and wall ride.(ssk8)
London – Ledge Land, a bunch of concrete and metal benches in front of the bandstand a Victoria Park. Designated by the city as a skate spot.
London – Wosley Baracks.  Old park with new plaza style street coarse addition and a pool.(Update by ssk8)(93)
Oshawa North – Sweet plaza style skatepark with great lines and obstacles. NL
Vaughan Jack Pine Skate Spot – Small skate spot in community park. NL(95)
Big O, Montreal – iconic skate spot located on the Olympic park. Tight concrete quarters.
Brockville – nice Park at the arena. NL(97)
Picton, ON – Great park with large area surrounded by well kept lawn. Huge mini bowl and good lines. Rotating Manny pad.(ssk8)
Belleville, ON – Pretty good park with some interesting obstacles like the double step gap. Deep bowl.(ssk8)
Port Dover, ON   NUMBER 100!!! – Great park with round about flow lines. Nice pool in the middle. Similar to Huntsville but smaller.(ssk8)
Kitichener, ON -    Nice bowl, interesting street section.   Some obs. Need concrete on both sides.  More thought put into ride ups on one side.(ssk8 & HS)
Bancroft, ON  Good park by the river. Nice mellow bowl with good parallel sides. Sweet gap filled in with cheap green carpet(nice but could have been better) .(ssk8)
8th Street Toronto.   Toronto’s new best park.  Pool style bowl, nice quarters and banks.  6 foot quarter with slight oververt.NL
Vaughan Hillside skate spot.  Cute community skate spot.  Properly constructed “wading pool” feature.NL
Peterborough, ON  105  Big concrete hole.  Coping diameter is 4” and is curved metal instead of pipe.  2 parts of the park that you have to walk to. Some banks are too steep and there is still difficulty getting speed. Rails are placed too high.  There is a ridiculous bank wall that would be fun if the rest of the park didn’t suck.  It’s built like a bmx park with no bikes allowed.
Hamilton – Parkdale.  Old small park. Everything you need.
Hamilton – Beasley Bowl  Old bowl with a quarter, lump and jersey barrier.
Burlington – Maple park.  Another joke with a ride up to stair set. More one foot with vert.
Vaughan – Twelve Oaks Park.  Transition centered skate spot.  Circular bowl with roll in and extension.  2 stair sets, 2 mini q’s and some benches in a great layout.NL
Toronto – Dufferin Grove Park.  A couple crappy ramps and boxes on a hockey rink.  110!
24/7 skate church, Burlington.  Mini and ramps
Napanee, ON.  Old park with banks, quarters and old school pool.(ssk8)
Tyendinaga Mohawk Terr.  Big concrete park with giant ufo crashed on one side.  Really slick concrete. Some features are difficult to hit with a skateboard.HS
Trenton – Quinte West Park.   Old concrete park with good lines and features. Lower section can be ollied into but no ramps to go up.  (ssk8)
Knoxville, TN – Park the size of (& located in an old) baseball field.  Large bowl with over-vert. Big deep pool with coping. Good sized street section and small beginner park.
Lexington, KY – 90’s era concrete park. Old but has good flow. Located in a nice city park.
Windsor, ON – Large park with metal pre-fab on concrete base.  Well set up with everything you could imagine.  Equal to Richmond Hill in quality.
Chatham, ON – Concrete park with a nicely designed “big 3” setup. NL
Simcoe, ON – The best community built wood park I’ve seen.  Functional for both skateboards and BMX.
Waterloo, ON – 120! New Line park centered around a volcano with a tree in it.  Includes features of plaza, transition and snake run.  New era of circular parks. 
Vaughan – Freedom Park Skate spot.  Small community park with a quarter, rail and unuseable pyramid and ledge.
Toronto – Wallace-Emerson community park   Metal pre-forms on concrete base. Geared towards bmx.
Midland, ON – Pre-cast concrete park with PIP mini-bowl.  No flow or run up to concrete obstacles in middle of park.  Same issues as all modular parks. HS
Azilda, ON – Metal Q, bank and funbox on asphalt pad.  2012-05-26
Sudbury, ON – Great concrete park with bowl and street sections. Large with good flow and sections that can be sessioned.  NL Park 125.  2012-05-27.
Vaughan – Carville mill.  Stupidly designed concrete park.  Small stair sets with no way to ride back up. Obstacles too close together.  Two pointless steep banks.  Interesting mini-ramp configuration. (Who sk8s built)
Burlington, ON-Norton. Great New Line park with huge bowl/snake-run/ditch.  Nice advanced level obstacles like bank to hitching post rail and pyramid rail. NL
Burlington, ON- Mountainside park.  Introducing a new term – Slurry skatepark – A bunch of (random) pre-cast (concrete) obstacles does not make a park.  Low flat rail was only useable part from the steep bank, wedge, Chicago barrier and roller.
Toronto – Underpass park.  Pre-fab ramps and rails on concrete base.  Bonus – Stays dry in the rain.
Spott’s micro-mini – miniramp in the basement. 130!
Uxbridge, ON – Uxbridge Rotary Skatepark.  Gone is the old wood park, in with a spectrum winner. Concrete. Nice flowing concrete park with hefty hubbas.  Large bowl with extentions, a roller and steep bank. Also some fun stuff on the decks of the bowl. 131 (ssk8)
CBMK, Mississauga, ON – Indoor wood park with a 4 foot mini bowl, a street area with a hubba, step-up gap and moveable rails and ledges.  8 foot halfpipe with 10 foot extentions. Pipe is really mellow with big transitions and no vert. Sadly, CBMK is scheduled to close in 2013 after 9 years in operation.
The Ward, Guelph, ON.  Pretty large indoor park with 6 foot mini, 2 foot micro-mini that’s tight, A good sized street section with everything inc. 3 and 6 stairs. Also a little practice section as well as a decent skateshop. 133
Sutton, ON – New Line concrete park. Rails, planter bench, stairs, quarters and banks.
King city, ON – 135!  Spectrum park with a deep pool, wedge, step-up, stair sets, different quarters, and over-vert pocket and a jersey barrier with a pipe.
Cannington, ON Huge park with a bunch of concrete bumps and table tops. Large tranny section and 2 run outs with enough for another park.  Pyramid, wedge, rails, ledges, step-up and quarters.
Cannington, ON Old park still exists. Some old ramps and a grind rail.
Gananoque, ON  Concrete park with street and bowl/tranny features. Lots of fake rock features work well in the park.
Kingston, ON  Grenadier skatespot.  Small concrete park with neat extension feature and Q-pipes.
Kingston, ON Polson skatepark. Small concrete park with a funbox and a mini.(140)
Kingston, ON Memorial DIY.  Rails, ledges and a bank to wall-ride set up at the Memorial Arena.
Burlington, ON  Palladium Park.   Terrible slurry park – 25’x25’ with jersey barrier, steep bank, block ledge and high rail. No run up or run out to anything. I’d say this is the worst park after Orillia but Burlington holds more horrors I fear.
Stouffville, ON – Old park  Parking lot pre-fab and a mini ramp.
Tottenham, ON – Aging skate-lite on custom metal fabricated 6’ mini, Bank and Train rail.
Beeton, ON – Good 4’ Metal mini.
Bradford, ON Metal pre-fab on asphalt. Full mini, q-pipe, spine, banks and wedge.  Curved barrier should have been sunk in concrete.
Aurora, ON – Concrete park with step-up, ledges, bank and Q-pipe. Built by concrete experts, not skatepark experts.  A few sunken gaps pose perils.
Oakville, ON  Iroquois Ridge Skate Park – Concrete modular on concrete base. Minimum.
Oakville, ON Glen Abby Skate Park -  See above but with a stupid jersey barrier.
Burlington, ON  Orchard Skate Spot – Outer banks with 3 stair, hubba and little launch in the middle. Ssk8.  # 150 
Oakville, ON – Shell Park.  Great old style (like Peterborough or Trenton done right) Thick pool coping on everything. 
Burlington, ON – Kiwanis Park.  New runner for worst park ever. Flat rail, kicker and rainbow rail on 25’ x 25’ concrete slab. More useable than palladium.
Burlington, ON – Brant Hills – Pre-fab concrete structure in PIP.  Still with the Jersey barriers!
Ajax, ON – ARC New concrete park @ Auldey Rec Center. Skatable AJAX Structure. Standard park stairs, hubbas, rails and step-up. Small but decent bowl. Transition to flat not perfect.  Nice large flat at one of park. #154 Spectrum Design.
Hagersville, ON – Pre-fab concrete structures in poured concrete.  Crete had to be built up to ramps.  Upper area decends via 6 set and step up/down.  F’n Jersey barrier. Better than nothing. #155.          2013-06-13
The Bridal Walk Skate Spot, Markham, ON – small park – bank on one side, quarter on the other and pump bumps in the middle. 1, 2 and 3. 2013-06-21
Toronto, ON – Lawrence Ave W. & Varna Dr. Metal Pre-fab in old tennis court. Not bad actually – good set up.
City of Kawartha Lakes – Bobcaygeon, ON.  Same metal modular park on asphalt pad. #158 July 5, 2013.
Sunderland, ON – Modular on concrete pad. Structures not bolted to pad. Pad poorly leveled resulting in lots of pooling.
Gravenhurst, ON – Bowled out skate spot with spine. This replaced a full concrete park for some reason.
Orillia, ON Souldiers skatepark and shop. Giving the kids of Orillia a real place to skate. Street section and a sweet mini.
The Baitshop – Toronto, ON.  Skate shop with a big mini-ramp, little concrete quarter, bar and projection area for video premieres.
Mississauga – Churchill Meadows.  Concrete pre-fab.  July 22, 2013.
Mississauga – South Common C.C.  Concrete pre-fab.
Mississauga – Huron park.  Concrete pre-fab with a pole jam. #165
Wellesley, ON.  Wood park at local community center. Mini-ramp is outside so I hit it. #166 2013-07-24
Stratford, ON. Concrete pre-fab on awful asphalt.
St. Marys, ON. New concrete park by Spectrum. Mini version of Uxbridge without the bowl.
Toronto Island ghetto skate spot – DIY wood ramps and manual ledge on a basket ball court. 2013-07-26
Blackstock, ON – Metal pre-fab Q, box and bank on asphalt. 2013-08-04 Park 170
Coburg, ON – Metal pre-fab on concrete base. Some signs of wear but good flow when dry. 2013-08-08
Brighton, ON – concrete pre-fab on concrete base. Decent layout.  Catwalk to 4 stair.
Mississauga, ON – City center Sculpture Court. More pre-fab concrete, metal and plastic obstacles in a plaza setting.   Pro-skater atmosphere with workshops on site. #173
Mount Pleasant, ON – Pre-fab on tennis court. 2013-09-05
Burford, ON - Pre-fab on basketball court. #175
Paris, ON – concrete park with quarters, mini, stairs, rails and “wall of death.”
St. George, ON – South Dumfries C.C.  Pre-fab park packed into tiny, fenced off concrete park.  Multiple items un-useable due to size and restriction of park.
Scott and Amys Trip 2013. Toronto to Winnipeg & back through USA
Little Current, ON – Small Concrete park.
Sault Ste. Marie, ON – Large concrete park with an interesting bridge feature.
Current River C.C., Thunder Bay, ON #180
Marina Park Plaza, Thunder Bay, ON – Huge New Line Plaza with Deep Pool.
Dryden, ON – Built in 2008? This pre-fab concrete park in a disaster. Everything has shifted and the concrete filler between sections has deteriorated so badly that there are holes and 2 inch deep cracks in the walls of the bowl.
Skatepark West, Winnipeg, MB – Giant New Line park.
Michael Komenda Memorial Skatepark, Winnipeg, MB – Huge!
Fort Garry, Winnipeg, MB # 185
Sargent Park, Winnipeg, MB – Old but good concrete park with different layout and interesting ditch feature.
Chornick Park, Winnipeg, MB – One of the oldest parks in Canada. Needs some TLC.
Red River Skatepark, Winnipeg, MB – Interesting park/plaza hybrid.
Altona, MB – Nice triangular park.
Pine Ridge Plaza, Winkler, MB #190.  Huge park with giant step-up, capsule, bowl, bank to bank gap and so much more.
Dike West, Fargo, North Dakota – Older concrete park.
Eau Claire, Wisconsin – New little park by Evergreen Skateparks.
Skateworks, Rockford, Illilois – Woodward modular park on concrete base.
Michigan City, Indiana - Woodward modular park on concrete base. Nice mini ramps, launchers and boxes all down by the cooling tower.
Kalamazoo, Michigan – Concrete modular with street and bowled out section.
South Westnedge Skatepark, Portage, Michigan #196.  Large concrete park with a big kicker gap.
Woodstock, ON – Concrete park with sweet flow section and typical street section. #197.
Grimsby, ON Old VF&A Park. Everything is big, enclosed and the Q’s are terrible. 2013-10-03.
Welland, ON – Pre-fab on old basketball court with a mini.
Port Colbourne, ON Huge park shaped like a freighter in Lock 8 park.  Stern end features big bowl section with hips, rollers and a huge over-vert capsule. Middle has a big pole jam, waterfall quarter, # 200 leading to 5 set. Bow features a kicker, ledge, compass manny pad and realistic boat bow with bow spirit.  There is also a pump track connecting the bow and middle.  Park #200
Virgil, ON – Wood modular on asphalt. 2013-10-25
Thorold, ON – Bad concrete park. Orillia level bad.
St. Catherines, ON – Large Concrete park by New Line.
Burlington, ON – Nelson Park.  Modular concrete park with PIP flat.  5 set, wedge, banks, flat rail and a hubba.  Many of the same issues as all pre-fab parks but acceptable overall.  Park 204.
Oshawa, ON – Lakeshore Park.  A old asphalt pad built around a drain with a bank, kicker and a 4 set with no run up. Park 205.
Addington Highlands, ON – Older V shaped Spectrum park. Complete setup with ledges, rails, step-up, manny pad, rollers and Quarter pipe. It’s in great shape though. Not a hint of damage, wear or deterioration.  2014-05-26
London – Stoney Creek YMCA.  Ledges and banks at the rec center made with skaters in mind except for the pebble inlays.  2014-06-06 Park 207.
London – Rivers Edge.  Pre-fab concrete layed in concrete base.  Some gapping on wedge and in front of q-pipes.  Neat box to rail.
London – Springbank Park. (NL) Sweet zig-zag park with 5 set, wedge with up/down ledge & flat ledge, hip and bank.  Park 209.
Stouffville, ON – Memorial Park. New concrete street plaza with a bowl. Designed by New Line. Park 210. 2014-06-10
Fort Erie, ON – Medium sized PIP park with a bowl.  Layout and decorative elements make some item hard to hit.  Completely useless 7 set(viewing only) and big 3 has to be hit after using tight quarter as turnaround. 2014-06-19
Niagara Falls, ON – Big Old NL PIP park with plenty on rails, banks and ledges. Park flows nicely into bowl with spine. Parks don’t age any better. Park 212.
Markham, ON – Ray Street Skate Spot.  Four clamshell corners, a single pump and a double pump layed out for continuous flow. 2014-06-28 Park 213.
Dieppe, NS – Wood and Asphalt park (mini ramps and bmx park) with PIP addition with bowl, hubba, stairs and bank to barrier. 2014-07-10
Summerside, PEI – Concrete park with great features (Q to ledge, wedge with ledge, ect.) and a bowl like Boltons. Park 215 2014-07-11
Amherst, NS – Park with everything.
Truro, NS – PIP era park with bowl section, banks and hubbas.
Fall River, NS – Transition based park with a ledge, two 7-sets and a loveseat pocket.
The Commons, Halifax, NS – Old crete and asphalt park with DIY and Era Addition with street section and big bowl that spines over into little bowl.  Recycled fire hydrant is great touch.
Spryfeild, NS – 8th streets bowl with features from Jack Pine & Hillside in Vaughan. Park 220. 2014-07-12
Hubbards, NS - Perpetual flow park with Big Q, flats and some concrete coping.
Chester, NS – Great era park with a bit of everything plus clamshell, little Q to ledge and huge combi-bowl look alike.
Homegrown Skateboards Bowl, Lahave, NS – A sweet mini-bowl with a pocket and some pool coping in the shop.
Shearwater, NS – Era park with all the basics and an angled ledge. 2014-07-13
Windsor, NS – Small PIP park by the waterfront with Q, step-up and wedge to ledge. Park 225.
New Minas, NS – Small bowl.
Annapolis Royal, NS – Small park with ledge, flat rail and a lumpy Q.
Market Place Park, Saint John, NB – Little park with bad 18” Q, modular 3’ Q, and standard fun box.
Station 1 Plaza, Saint John, NB – Big plaza under a bridge with flats, banks, rail, wedge to hubba and stairs. Cool mini-pipe and patterned concrete quarter.
Grand Falls, NB – Amateur metal modular. Looked like tetanus. Park 230. 2014-07-14
Quebec City Plaza, Quebec City, QC – Big flowing bowl with meatl & pool coping and spine.  Large plaza style with stair sets from 2 to 7, cool sculpture-like features, kicker & flat gap over rocks and bank to ledge setup. Park 231. 2014-07-14
Village Green, Vaughan, ON – Modular concrete park with PIP base. 2 & 3’ minis, 4 stair and low ledge. Un-useable curved rail along edge of park and a step-up that riders can’t get speed for. Welds every 6-8’. July18, 2014.
Leitchcroft Community Park Skate Path, Markham, ON – Small path with short wedge with a gap and rail, a set of low and high ledges/manny pad and benches reinforced of skating. 2014-07-19. Park 233
Petawawa, ON – Modular on an old tennis court on the Military Base. Not well maintained, missing kickplates.
Elora, ON – Metal modular on asphalt base.  Moved indoors for summer leaving 1 Q outside.
Fergus, ON – Metal modular on asphalt base.  Severely warped kick plates and un-slidable rails.  Mini-ramp with multiple uneven joints.
Hampton, ON – CMcK (Concrete Modular with Kick plates) on an uneven poured flat. Lots of puddles. Otherwise fine.
Toronto – Malvern Community Center. Seasonal park on rink with well built wood obstacles. Very popular.  #238
Kemptville, ON – Small Street section with rail, ledge and stairs. Little snake run to mini pipe. 7 foot over-vert return on snake run.
Kanata, ON – Nice new concrete park with everything and a bowl at Richcroft Rec. Center.
Ottawa, ON – Legacy Skatepark.  Big era park with spined bowl corner, multiple ledges, rails and banks. Great lower section with a 3 stair ledge/manny pad/ high ledge combo.
Montreal, QC – P45 (project 45). Giant DIY spot with great tranny and salvaged skateable items.
Montreal, QC – La Taz. Giant indoor park with a huge street section, bmx park, transitioned walls in the main area. La Taz also features a beginners section and an amazing bowl with spine and a 3 foot mini upstairs.  A second mini-ramp and easier section is located in another part of the building which also features a permanent flat track for roller derby, ect. Park #243
Mont-Royal, QC – Constructed metal modular with mini, rails, fun box, Q’s and a sktechy bank to ledge feature. Random find.  #244
Talys Skatepark – Mississauga has a new indoor. Small but useful it features a bank, 3 and 6 foot quarters, a wedge with a rail and hubba. There’s some other stuff and more features being built.  #245. 2014-08-27
Toronto – West Lodge Park.  Modular concrete with PIP base.  2 ledges, Q, bank, rail, magic carpet and gap. # 246. 2014-08-29
Beaverton, ON – New modular on old asphalt pad that used to be the site of wooden ramps. Worlds sketchiest 6 & 7 stair set. 2014-09-01. #247.
Dresden, ON – Small PIP park with Q, step-up, ledges and rails. A great ledge/hubba/manny pad obstacle that is repeated at other parks in the region. I’ll call it the CK pad. 2014-09-03 #248
Wallaceburg, ON – Decent sized and well waxed. Nothing original but everything you need.
Tilbury, ON - #250. PIP park built in 2005 for under $100000.fs/bs ledges, Q rails, stairs & step-up and a CK pad.
Tecumseth, ON – Brand New (line?) park. Smooth concrete with a long 7 set with round and flat rails, 2 step-up gaps, Pool coping quarter, ½ bowl with big extention, a cool low arch rail and a bank to jersey barrier. See...I don’t hate barriers. There’s also a manny/ledge peice. #251.
Windsor, ON – Forest Glade.  Built with input from VF&A in 2000, this park would be useless if it wasn’t as spread out as it is.  More ridiculous features like safety rails, a 4ft Q with 1ft of vert, super steep banks, a bulging spine and a concrete mountain of banks.  Usefull features include a stair ledge, a 2 level manny pad and a volcano with gentle transition. #252
Kingsville, ON – Standard PIP park with mini. Low banked planter in the middle of park is great but the graffiti cover-up paint is slick.
Wheatley, ON – PIP park with everything like transition to large bank, step-up, Q, grass gap and a CK pad. #254
Pelham, ON – Isaac Riehl Memorial Skatepark.  New Line park. Big banks, lots of quarters, a step-up and some ledges.  Nice snake run and a cool “stump styled” volcano. 2014-09-12 #255.

Binbrook, ON – Metal modular. Mini-ramp, small spine, ledges and rails on a fresh concrete base.
London, ON - White Oaks part 2.
Owen Sound, ON – A mix of low quality PIP and Modular in a rink sized set-up. Metal mini-ramp, concrete ledges and gaps with other metal pre-fab. 2014-10-24.
Saugeen Shores, ON – Older New Line PIP park with bowl corner, rails, ledges, Big 3 set and a picnic table. There is also a good kicker to bank. # 259
Mt. Forest, ON – Ridiculous “bowl” and metal modular. #260

Shelburne, ON – 2 tight Qs, one and a half rails, a tight mini and a fun box. No fun was had. #261
Sonoma Heights – Vaughan, ON.  Small NL park with rail, bank to ledge, Q and neat ledge/pad/bank combo. 2014-11-05
Muskoka Woods. 2014-11-28 #163. (all posted NL ON parks!) Indoors features old park style set-up with hips, banks, boxes and rail. Notable features include the rainbow box, “A” ledge and 14ft steep bank. Outdoors, there is a half-pipe, mini-ramps, 2 old Slam City Jam courses and a bowl. #263
Elmira, ON. Skate Elmira is finished and has a long, beautiful park. Ledges everywhere, 3-set and 6-set stairs, a great kicker gap and a unique bank to barrier feature. There’s also a 8.5foot pool with pool coping, 5foot shallow end and stairs. Well done. #264 & 60th park in 2014. 2014-12-22.

Toronto – Dew Underground. A temporary park sponsored by Mountain Dew with wood features that are just a bit off.  Tight mini-ramp, steep step-up, steep bank to ledge and a bump to rail. Small half pipe is the best made feature. Park 265. 2015-03-27.

Brampton – Gore Meadows. Modular on concrete. Moveable kicker

Aurora, ON – Aurora Family Leisure Complex. Bowl and mini-bowl. Cool gaps, little step-up, stairs, hubbas, rails and quarters. Big quarter pipe along one edge of park. Lack of drains means seepage drains in front of the big quarter across the whole park.  Park 267. 2015-08-15

Innisfil – Stroud-Innisfil Community Centre.  Modular concrete on asphalt. Big asphalt wave at rear of park.  # 268 2015-08-19

Innisfil – South Innisfil Community Centre – Mostly modular, poured loading dock with stairs and asphalt pad.  #269.

Acton, ON – New 3 Musketers Skatepark – Old park is gone and the arena was expanded. The new park is large for the area featuring big Q, 8 and 4 sets with step-ups.  Re-build of the box with taco Q, big 3 and stuff everywhere. Bowl with ‘3’ in darker concrete.  2015-09-07 Park 270.

Acton, ON – temporary park. Modular with a bank layed flat.

Georgetown, ON – Jubilee Skate Spot. Trail with ledge/manny pad, wedge & ledge/manny pad with small hubba. Park 272

Wellesley, ON – New Park. The town stalled for years the then bought 3 modular benches & ledges and placed them on a sloping concrete pad. 6’ Wood Q added. 2015-10-02 #273

Kitchener, ON – Fisher. New Line park. Deep ‘Bondi Bowl’ replica.  Curved ledge with hubba, Long 5 set, angled manny pad\rail with gap, A frame, Q and step-up/gap to box. Could have been a better park if guys at the design sessions could get along and compromise. #274

Cambridge, ON – Churchill. Spectrum designed long park with ledges, A frame, bank with ledge and a small 4 set with hubbas and rail. Long ledge over manny pad and a rail finish it off. #275 11th park in 2015.

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