Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Breaking 250.

Breaking 250...

And more.

Having hit almost all the parks within an hour of my home I ventured out early toward Windsor, ON.
 Dresden, ON. Park 248. 2005 New Line park.
 It had this great little element. Ledge, manny pad and hubba all rolled into one. I dubbed it the CK pad.
 Wallaceburg, ON. #249
 Tilbury, ON. #250. It also had a CK pad.

 Tecumseth, ON. 1 year old beauty with everything. 
 Wicked tombstone.

 2 sizes of step-up gap. The funny smudge on the R. is a wasp in flight. The park was buzzing with them.
 Another sweet skate spot element.
 Windsor, ON - Forest Glade Another VF&A disaster. They may have fluked a few descent structures into this one.
 This double box was cool and fun to get boardslides across.
 This stair/pyramid is a good concept but not great execution.

 Attack of the safety rails.
 Nothing good about a bulging spine. 
 4ft quarter with 12" of vert and sloped roll-out up top.
 Kingsville, ON. Nice park. Cover-up paint is really slick.
 Nature Break. Ontario's Largest Caterpillar and a Great White Heron.

Wheatley, ON. Last park of the day. Another older New Line park make 254.
Now where have I seen this before?
The CK pad stands for Chatham-Kent pad. The 3 parks the pads were in are all in the Chatham-Kent area.

Skate Elmira is also pushing forward with their groundbreaking tomorrow.

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