Saturday, 25 November 2017

Pickering Rec Complex Skatepark Concept

Pickering Rec Complex Skatepark Concept
The Pickering Skateboard Park Strategy Draft includes a concept park for the front of the Rec Complex. The (latest) Draft can be found HERE.
The park concept is on page 21.
You can leave feedback with the City at until December 6th or in person at the open house on Monday November 27th @ 5:30-8:00pm.

There are a few minor changes I would like to see and have detailed them below.
1) Feature 'B' - add shallow end stairs to the bowl.
2) Feature 'F' - Concrete the whole thing to allow for manuals and reduce number of sides. Add over/under ledge to side closest to the Rec Complex.
3) Feature 'G' - Low to high 'A' frame rail 
4) Remove roller bump from south end of park.

Let the city know what you think of the Strategy and the park or leave a comment below and I'll make sure it gets passed along because if you don't...
ps. slapping is bad.

The Follow Up
The Open House was very well attended by skaters and other members of the public. The other skaters gave feedback on the design concept and Skatepark Strategy.


  1. Hi, I think the stairs in the feature "B" the shallow end of the bowl is a terrible idea. First of all, the bowl is only 3 feet deep why do you need stairs? Second, you won't be able to carve around the bowl if the stairs are in the way. Carving is a major part of riding a bowl. Shallow bowl is good for beginners to learn to carve, if stairs are there you can't carve. Something to think about

    1. Dear Anonymous, thank you for taking the time to look at my little blog. Pool stairs are a staple of 'true pool' style bowl and have most recently been built in Elmira and Milton, Ontario. The stairs are carved over and there is still the rest of the bowl on which to learn how to carve. An additional suggestion I had made for the bowl was 'make sure the shallow end works as a mini-ramp'. This will allow new riders to learn carving before taking on the stairs.
      These were only MY suggestions for changes and were not added to the current draft(#4) of the strategy. Of the two pages of suggested edits most were taken into account in the latest draft. If there are things you like about the skateboard park or strategy I hope you will come and speak in support to council on Jan 8th.
      Happy Boxing Day
      Spott the Loonie