Friday, 3 November 2017

Halloween 2017

Halloween 2017
The Halloween of Skateboard Industry Love

This year, just before Halloween, I was wandering through a store and found a giant fuzzy panda head. That was all the inspiration I needed to decide on what my costume would be. 
Over the years I've had some pretty fun costumes over the years.

Be a ManWolf Today

This year I channeled Enjoi Rider and Team Manager Louie Barletta. 

I even managed a Barletta-esque trick & one of my friends sent it via DM to Louie and he checked out my Instagram.

Clip is in the video below.

Skatelife Toronto's Tricks for Treats was a fantastic way to kick off our indoor season. 
BTW, Skating in the Panda head are hard. Skating in a sweater vest is hot.

It turns out I wasn't the only one showing love for the skate industry. 

My friend Drew(left) went as JD, the owner of 'The Local' skateshop in Hamilton, ON.

This kid went as Aaron Kyro from the Braille Skate Youtube videos.

@Tara420 went as a  set of Indy Trucks!

@scott_kmiec went as Animal Chin from the classic Powell Peralta video. 

Speaking of which, @prestonsk8s went out as Skateboarding legend, Bones Brigade founder and film maker Stacy Peralta.

Legend Tony Hawk also went as Stacy Peralta.

Not to be outdone by his famous dad, Keegan Hawk went as 1980's Tony Hawk & Tavin Way went as his father, Danny Way.

The Diamond Supply Co. Halloween Hellride was off the hook.

Deathwish Pro Jaime Foy went as his Big Boy Foy board graphic.

Also attending the Hellride was Birdhouse Pro Clive Dixon dressed as fellow Birdhouse Pro Lizzie Armanto, complete with bubble tea.

Lizzie went out as boyfriend and Toy Machine Pro Axel Cruysbergs' board graphic.
Hopefully I get this right. Axel is Birdhouse Pro Ben Raybourn.
There's a Panda(Enjoi?), Big Bad Wolf, Possibly Blood Wizard Rider Jerry Gurney, some checkerboard clown, Clifford The big Red Dog, Little Red Riding Hood, Bob and Louise Bencher(bob's Burgers) someone who looks comfortable in her Kigurumi.

Lastly, the winner of Halloween(according to the internet) Nora Vasconcellos as Leticia Bufoni. Photo by @ZORAHOLIVIA

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