Monday, 3 August 2015

Parks yet unseen.

When I'm not out skating I'm playing Internet Sherlock Holmes trying to discover the next park to skate. I have a backlog of parks out of my area to try and hit on road trips.  By following different skatepark design companies on social media I try to keep up with what is under construction. I also follow park development, bid tenders and council meeting notes.

There are times, however, when a design company does not get to build the park.  Here is how I located one such park.

I was on facebook and saw something familiar here...
Not the Vegan Medic (which is run by a co-worker and served the best falafel I've ever had) but this picture.
Well, not this picture but a shot of this park under construction but from another angle. (This park is being built in Drumheller, Alberta.  The design (by Newline) is influenced by the fossil deposits Drumheller is known for)
The Suggested Page took me to a construction firm.
Murray Reeves: Concrete Finishing
This company has been building some of the best parks in the last few years. I went through their pictures and found they had built a skatespot in Halton Hills for Newline.
There were not any visible road signs in the photos and no address listed. It also was not listed on Newline's website.
This shot gave me the best clues.
The clock tower and some trailers. Halton Hills consists of 2 towns and many small communities but I got lucky checking out Georgetown first. I figured it was a new development based of the houses across the street. I checked out some Google Street View and Google Earth and found the following.
Clock Tower!
Trailers + clock tower = Park. 

And that's how you find a skatepark.

Found. Labour Day, 2015

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