Thursday, 20 August 2015

More Modular Madness

More Modular Madness

I hit a few new park, all modular, and documented their problems.
This park in Brooklin was re-paved (with asphalt) and expanded. The before is above and update below. The Council decided to spend the minimum to update the park rather than build a concrete park. A few new items were installed and the existing ramps were re-painted.

 This concrete ledge is a new addition,
 but it's not welded together.
 This fun box still has a large gap between the ramp and hubba.

Two more parks in Innisfil.
 Stroud Park. It has a curved rail.
 Evidence of a flat rail. Stolen? 
 Maybe it was moved to the Lefroy Park...
Or traded. 
 Missing metal.
 Fire damage.
 This setup was fun.
 The lift mounts pose a hazard.
 The weight of concrete items cause the feet to sink into the asphalt over time.

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