Sunday, 16 November 2014

Bad Crete

In a follow-up to my article on modular ramps I have decided to show what can happen when concrete parks are built by the wrong people.

The park in Orillia, ON claims to have a 3 foot snake run with one foot of vert. Not only is this a terrible idea, the execution is equally bad. 
 The flat bottom has bike tire treads in the concrete.
 The quarter pipe is kinked with no transition and the coping sits on top of the roll out.

 This PIP bowl has coping that sits flush with the riding surface making it difficult to lock into tricks.

 A hubba that drops into a bowl is never a good idea.

 Stairs in a skatepark setting are used for tricks. Riding up a ramp to the stairs makes doing tricks difficult.

 Inappropriately large pyramid with a drop off one side.

A poorly designed gap feature.

 Pickering, Ontario's park features a 1 foot quarter with 3 inches of vert and a wading pool with a sewer grate in it.

 Bowmanville's park has several features present in the Pickering park like a mini-ramp with no coping, safety rails on the top and no deck on one side.
 It also narrows to less than 5 feet causing a hazard for users.

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