Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Lit Ontario Parks

Lit Ontario Parks
The Toronto Skateboarding Committee is working on getting lights installed at Ashbridges Bay Skatepark. This park is the largest in Toronto and 3rd Largest in Ontario (I think) and features a second phase bowl, multiple stair and rail sets, ledges and a replica of a downtown Toronto spot.
You can sign the petition HERE.

A few months ago, TSC contacted me regarding lit parks in Ontario. Here's the list, with updates, that I gave them.

Lit Parks
Designated Lighting – DL The skatepark has designated lighting.
Park Lighting – PL  The park is lit casting light on the skatepark.
Parking Lot Lighting – LL Some of these parks are on a former parking lot.
I left out Dunbat and Duff Grove and their Rink Lighting.

Ajax ARC – DL
Ajax Rec. Centre – DL
Barrie, Queens Park – DL
Belleville – one DL in a large park
Blenheim – One street light over skatepark
Brampton, Jim Archdekin Rec. Centre – LL
Brampton, McMurchy – LL
Brantford, Brant’s Crossing – DL
Brantford, Jaycee Rainbow Ramp – LL
Brockville – DL
Burlington, Norton Park – DL
Cambridge, Riverside – DL but it’s mellow
City of Kawartha Lakes, Bobcaygeon – DL
City of Kawartha Lakes, Lindsay – LL until it was moved indoors.
Georgetown, Mold Master arena – DL
Hamilton, Beasley Bowl – DL
Hamilton, Parkdale Arena – PL
Hamilton, Turner – DL
Hamilton, Waterdown bowl - PL
King City – DL with controls
Madoc, Centre Hastings Skatepark – DL
Milton Community Park – DL
Mississauga, City Centre – DL
Mississauga, Icelands – DL
Oshawa, Donevon – DL
Peterborough – DL
Picton – DL
Toronto, Smithfeild – Tennis court DL
Toronto, Lawrence & Weston – PL
Toronto, Underpass - DL
Toronto, Vanderhoof Bowl – Power supply available. BYO Lights
Vaughan, 12 Oaks – PL
Vaughan, Carville Mill – PL
Vaughan, Hillside – PL
Vaughan, Sonoma Heights – PL
Vaughan, Villa Royale - DL

Whitby, Mckinney – DL

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