Tuesday, 1 November 2016

The Latest on New Skateparks in Pickering

The Latest on New Skateparks in Pickering

Note* There is some speculation here and nothing has been verified.

When last I corresponded with my source in the Parks Dept. he informed me they were presenting to Council in October and putting forward a skatepark strategy and recommending a firm(a good one, I was told).  I though this meant something exclusively for skateparks and they meant either Spectrum Skateparks or Newline Skateparks.

I was wrong.

What was put to Council was a 'Recreational & Parks Master Plan And Skateboard Park Strategy' and that Monteith Brown Planning Consultants be accepted to create such a plan. (Boring council stuff I went through so you don't have to HERE and HERE) Monteith Brown has been involved with parks master plans in London, ON (12 skateparks) and Ajax, ON(3 skateparks) and they are thorough.  In fact, their master plan for Aurora is the only place I've found any mention of Aurora's Thompson Park Skate Spot.
Thompson Park Skate Spot

I am awaiting confirmation but I'm hopeful that the Skateboard Park Strategy includes both large and small facilities spread around Pickering like is the case in London and Vaughan.

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