Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Road Rage East 2016

Road Rage 2016.

I went out with Skatelife's Road Rage again this year but things were a little different. First, I was leading a group with another dude and I was doing all the driving as I have a passenger van license. Secondly, our destination was London, ON instead of Montreal.
Here's our entry in the video comp.

In a short week of blazing hot temperatures and torrential down pours we built and seshed a DIY, cooled off at a waterfall, dropped into a giant bank as well as off a rock & hit a private mini-ramp for a jam session.

 Road Rage East 2016 Crew


First spot of the trip.

Getting our costume on at Value Village.

Downtown Hamilton. 1AM.

Big bank at Ching Park.

Alex with the Front Shuv.

Hamilton Dam Jam

The Local private ramp for the HamDamJam post rainout.

Medway Bowl, London

Strathroy, ON skatepark.

Noseblunt Pull-in to the big bank.

Some fun at Elmira on the way home.

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