Friday, 22 July 2016

Birthday beatdown.

On July 18th I turned 35. No longer a young adult, I'm now just an adult. As my wife put it "half way to 70!"

I reflected on my birthdays of years past.

In 2010 I went out to London, ON and hit 7 parks in a day.
In 2011 I was still lame from an ankle injury from the month before. Even worse, I had planned to build a mini-ramp for my birthday party but had to settle for a pool party instead. First world problems, right?


In 2013 I lined up early to meet Tony Hawk and see the Tony Hawk tour. the board was also signed by Lizzie Armanto, Lincoln Ueda, Mitchie Brusco, Elliot Sloan and Kevin Stabb.

 In 2014 I hit Vaughan's Village Green skate park. Park # 232
The next morning I barged Leitchcroft Skate Spot in Markham. Park #233

 In 2015 I was determined to learn blunt pull-in fakie and ignored my family for a bit. I got a few and haven't done them since.

That brings us to 2016.
Hit Hillside Skate Spot in Vaughan for a warm up with my friend, Jay.  We both got some tricks and filmed some stuff. I started hitting this hip with regular success.

We met up with some other friends of mine at the new Nobleton, ON skatepark. (full review) We had a great sesh. I was feeling good and after getting some tricks I started attempting a line of 50-50, FS nosepick pull-in, boardslide. The nosepick was killing me but I finally got it and blew the kickflip ender. Got a kickflip a few tries later and we packed it in.

Life Lesson
Whatever you enjoy doing, keep progressing and having fun!

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