Sunday, 31 May 2015

Skate Elmira Grand Opening

Skate Elmira Grand Opening 
Even with on and off rain the day was awesome.  The heat helped dry the park quickly between showers.
 The maple leaf. I came up with the concept for a maple leaf quarter pipe and after a bunch of modifications this was the final result. It's acid etched(or something) instead of paint so it's permanent and everyone loves it.
 Stained Glass Army rocked the tent.  Check 'em out here.
 Luke cleaning off the park.
 Mayor Shantz
 Kyle was honored with a custom deck.
"All it takes is a vision, perseverance and a community to turn dreams into reality"
 Kyle skates through the ribbon to open the park.
The clouds were pretty dark and the park was pretty slick when wet but fortunately, it dried quickly.  Ultimate Distribution put on a demo and were awesome.  
 I was having so much fun I didn't get many pictures.  I rode the bowl during the demo and got a boneless transfer over the tombstone and down the roll-in and later carved over the stairs.
When I was leaving some kid said I was awesome. It was a good day.
 It rained all the way home.

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