Monday, 11 August 2014

Olaf dreams of Summer. Spott dreams of skateparks.

Hi Y'all! (the 3 people who read this blog)
Since the Halifax trip I feel like I've been laying pretty low but I haven't had a bad summer. I had to go back to work for a few days but earned my vacation.
On my birthday (July 18th) I found and hit one of Vaughans new skate spots.
Village Green Park. # 232.  A smaller modular concrete park with PIP base. Nice minis but it has a few issues.
The next morning I got up to ride a yet unopened skate spot in Markham.
What better way to turn 33 that to barge park 233. Nice little path style off the main walkway of a beautiful community park. The benches are reinforced as well.  
My Wife, Amy, and I went to Barry's Bay to visit a friend and she took me to the park on the Petawawa Military base.
#234. Most of the kickplates were unsecured and some were missing. 

Yesterday I went to Elora, ON with some friends to help them shoot some cliff jump shots.

We Found the Elora and Fergus parks while we were out there.
Apparently the rest of the Elora park is moved indoors in the summer.(that's what I gathered from the sk8/bmx drop-in sign) I can neither confirm or deny this. This quarter was totally usable and in good shape. 
 The Fergus park was loud with bent kickplates. The Mini had very uneven joints between the plates. But, it's park 236. 
More to come I hope.
Oh also,
Gonna have a little boy to skate with I hope. The Dr. says it's a boy. Would have loved a girl too.

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