Sunday, 3 July 2022

Port Franks, ON

Port Franks
Behind the Port Franks Community Centre
9997 Port Franks Road
Did I mention this is in Port Franks? lol

2 QP's, a Box & a slappy curb.

Part of a 10 park day.

I've see this company a few times.  I'd place it as worse than CRC.


Forest, ON

 Forest, ON

Forest X-Park

Railroad Way

Metal Stuff on Rough Asphalt.

Saturday, 2 July 2022

Parkhill, ON

 Parkhill, ON

At North Middlesex Arena & Fitness Centre, 256 McLeod St.

Too Much Junk.
A decent sized pad is wasted with bunch of unnecessary skate bits. The park is missing the basic flat ledge and rail. 
There is, however, two jersey barriers, a tall picnic table, a curved rail and a few ledges in bad locations and a bunch of other 'back of the catalog' stuff.

Parkhill was park 3 of a ten park day.

Ailsa Craig, ON

Ailsa Craig, ON

Located at Ailsa Craig Community Park, 159 Annie Ada Shipley St.

I don't have a history on this park but here's some theories:

1. The Town started to build their own concrete park but realized they it's difficult/they suck and bought the rest of the ramps.

2. They poured the bank to ledge/bank with 3/4" coping and had wood ramps until they rotted and bought metal. There's definitely some different stuff in the Street Views.

3. What you see was the plan all along. At one point, there was a picnic table covering the bad concrete patch. Looks like it was wood with skate surface and metal. Wonder if it spontaneously combusted.

Oh No!

Oh No!
Oh No, No, No, No!

Ailsa Craig was stop 2 on a 10 park road trip.

Upper Canada Skatepark

 Upper Canada Skatepark

Kitchener, ON

Homer Watson Blvd & Pioneer Dr

A little bit of everything with a big QP/Mini. At least it starts with the basics (Flat Ledge, Flat Rail, Manny Pad) and builds from there.

Hit Upper Canada Park on a 10 park road trip.

Friday, 24 June 2022

The West Shore Skate Spot Groundbreaking

 The West Shore Skate Spot Groundbreaking

The groundbreaking ceremony for the West Shore Skate Spot took place on June 11, 2022. 

Remarks, Land Acknowledgement by Pickering Mayor David Ryan, followed by Groundbreaking Ceremony (approx 7 mins)

The day got off to an early start with Ramp 2 Rail setting up a 4ft mini ramp. I showed up and picked litter as usual, but my task was made easier by a random gentleman who was out for a walk and picking litter as he went.

While the mini was being set up, City Staff were setting up games and a DJ booth.  I asked 'Where's the Mobile Skatepark?'  Well, someone had parked the truck and trailer and taken the keys. (It eventually showed up). Councillors Brenner, Pickles and Butt showed up as well as Arnold & Richard who have been the city staff behind this project. 

Neighbours began coming to check out the event and a bunch of kids came out from the neighbouring townhouse complex to skate. ('no skaters here' my ass NIMBY) 

The Mayor gave his remarks and it was nice to hear all the positives about skateparks come from someone else. My kids wandered into the photo op. I had my own golden shovel and had everyone sign it. 

Ramp 2 Rail crushed it with FREE Tim Hortons and pizza vouchers from Dominos.  Local Skater, Phil, gave an impromptu skate lesson. Kris from Progression Skate Co. brought good vibes and Guru Energy Drinks. 

See more from the day in the photos below.

So Much Coffee

Better Late Than Never.

Me and my Shovel

That guy can skate?

The Summer Crew who sets up the park for You

Recreating a pic with Councillor Maurice Brenner. He has supported this project since the beginning.

The Shovel is now hung in a spot of honor as well as the Progression Deck

Arnold, Marissa, Maurice, Mayor Ryan, David, Me, My Groms, Sue and Richard. I put my dirt in a jar.  Due to the Severe Storm the hit Ontario, the skatepark company has been delayed with the project in Ottawa. Once Ottawa is complete, they're coming to Pickering. July-August build so the park should be open end of summer/back to school. I'm as eager to skate this as anyone, probably more. I saw design specs today.

So the Day was a success with a few people telling me they had heard remarks about how great this skate spot will be for the local community. One Local NIMBY threw some dirty looks our way as she dragged her dog along Bayly. This is happening, L! 

Saturday, 4 June 2022

West Shore Skate Spot Groundbreaking

 West Shore Skate Spot Groundbreaking

After many years of hard work, Pickering is set to break ground with a Ceremony at the West Shore Community Centre (1015 Bayly St) on June 11 at 1pm.

The Pickering Mobile Skatepark with be set up from 11-2 and Ramp2Rail will be setting up a mini-ramp. Because this is a city event, Helmets and Waivers are required to ride the mobile park. Click HERE for more info and the Waiver Form.

The permanent park will run under 'ride at your own risk' rules.