Monday, 25 October 2021

Hanover, ON

742 7th Ave
'Weird' is the best way to describe this park. 
Firstly, It's placed on the old pool that has been filled and surfaced with concrete.
Second are the ramps.  They are similar to Erieau and Arnprior. Might even be the same company. At least there's a run up to the stairs here.
Third. No Flatbar or Flat Ledge.

Fouth. This Bank Rail. The Ankle Mangler.
This bank is 6' high, 10-12' long, with a 4" high rail that kinks at the end. 

Mini Ramp in the Kiddie Pool.

The bank to bench was fun but god help anyone who tries to top rail.


Grand Valley, ON

Grand Valley
90 Main st N
Typical metal ramps on old asphalt.
I wouldn't be surprised if the shade structure cost as much as the ramps.


Sunday, 17 October 2021

Caledon, ON

 The Town of Caledon

Caledon is a largely rural part of the Region of Peel containing several villages including Bolton, which is the largest.

Caledon Skatepark, Bolton

14111 Hwy 50 @ the Caledon Center for Recreation.

 Alton Skate Spot & Pump Track

12 Station St, Alton

Friday, 8 October 2021

Waterloo, ON

 Waterloo, ON

Waterloo is expanding their action sports network.

Two more spots and a bike park are planned.

Waterloo Skatepark

Father David Bauer Park

100 Father David Bauer Dr

Albert McCormick Community Centre Skate Spot

500 Parkside Dr

Thursday, 7 October 2021

Albert McCormick Community Centre Skate Spot

 Albert McCormick Community Centre Skate Spot

Waterloo, ON

500 Parkside Dr

Waterloo is expanding its action sports network with a new skate spot in 2021 & two more skate spots and a bike park in the future (both spots have RFP's out for construction in 2022 but you never know what kind of delays will pop up).

Ya did good 39 Seven Inc. 

(builder. Designed by New Line)

KW loves long, curved ledges.

Alton Skate Spot

 Alton Skate Spot

Located in the Park behind the Library on Station St near the Pump Track that was built a few years earlier.

Wednesday, 6 October 2021

Churchill Meadows Community Centre

 Churchill Meadows Community Centre


5320 9th Line

Not to be confused with Churchill Meadows Community Common

The new Community Centre opened on Sept 20, 2021. The outdoor area includes basketball courts, fields, an amazing playground and free running space. The skatepark is much better that the other CMCC skatepark and is like a Jr Gellert.

Ayr/North Dumfries

 Ayr/North Dumfries

MacNeil & Dodd Skatepark

Behind North Dumfries Community Complex @ 2958 Greenfield Rd, Ayr.

Great park with good stair sets, rails, ledges and a 'china banks' style Q over manny pad with a brick finish. The bowl is great with a hip, extension and ride out wall. It's like the little sister of the Uxbridge bowl.