Thursday, 25 May 2017

King of the Road 2016

King of the Road 2016

I'm looking forward (as I always do) to KOTR2016. I could care less that Viceland got involved cause you still get the webisodes. The show is just a bit more in depth.
The mystery guests are some amazing women, Samarria Brevard, Nora Vasconcellos & Lacey Baker (girl guests was done in 2010 with Lacey being one of the guests) and the teams have all been on KOTR before(i think).

From the trailer it looks like:
The Muska, Geoff Rowley(sounds like?), Andy MacDonald, JAWS & Andy Roy is back as Host?

The teams (or one of them) are traveling across the southern USA.
El Paso, TX. - Van Buren Dam is in a few shots.
Albuquerque, NM - Enjoi appears to be wearing 'Breaking Bad' type chemical suits and what looks like an ABQ skatepark
Lake Havasu, AZ - Gravette appears to rollerskate at Tinnell Memorial Skatepark.
Geoff Rowley's Arizona ramp??? Maybe, kinda looks like it.
San Diego, CA - Clairmont Skatepark Skatercross course with Andy Mac
Hawaii? - Some ocean shots and Instagram posts from the contestants and one of the ditches looks straight out of 'Animal Chin'.  Plus Andys little hula dance.

Looks like crazy fun. Comment below.

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