Friday, 7 October 2016

New Skatepark Info

New Skatepark Info.

The latest new on the Pickering skatepark is this; There is a new skatepark strategy included in the new parks master plan. The parks dept. is also recomending council approve a firm (a great one that can't be named yet) to be consults. This should be going ahead this month (Oct 2016) and hopefully I'll have more news by November. For more on the process that got us here --> CLICK.

I got out to an open house hosted by Councilor Jim Karygiannis announcing a new skatepark and playground replacement in Fundy Bay Park in Agincourt. Reception was generally positive with the public voicing concerns regarding safety, noise and suggesting other ideas for the park. 
I arrived early and was looking at the examples of other skateparks. I ask a guy from Parks where they got the pictures.
'We got them from the Toronto Skateboarding Committee.'
"Oh, because their mine...And that's me." As I point at one of me jumping a 5 set on my wedding day in my rented tux.
Half of the pictures were mine.
I did speak to Migs and Nick of the Toronto Skateboarding Committee (Check them out HERE) because I'm cool with my photos being used this way. Migs said I have photos of the park before all the graffiti. 

A few days later I was invited to the Toronto Skateboarding Committee general meeting at Toronto City Hall.  The city wide skatepark strategy was presented. They also talked about an additional future park in addition to Fundy Bay and the upgrade of another. The Committee is active in Toronto, advocating for parks, identifying repair needs and working with city hall and other government bodies to promote and enhance skateboarding.

If you want to be involved with the TSC you can sign up on their website --> HERE

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