Tuesday, 31 December 2013

The grand finale of the 365 project

And the beginning of some else.
 Day 361. No one else has hit the wallride...yet.
 Day 362. 
 Day 363. This year was Pretty Sweet!
 Day 364. This is an accurate manifestation of my thoughts at any given time. 
Day 365.
So we come to the end of 365 straight days of skating (probably 366 since I'm fairly sure I skated Dec. 31 of last year too) so I took some time to reflect. Watching Bob Burnquist's Dreamland and his giant air to fakie. But if you think I took it easy you don't know me well. After working a 12 hour night shift I came home and started skating. Not just a little 2 wall diddle but full out, high speed shredding.  I'm attempting to get a wallride to fakie. It's difficult but I've got a lifetime to get it.

It's been the greatest year even though their have been hardships.
I've met some of my heroes.
Made new friends.
Hung out with old ones.
2013 may be ending but 2014 is just another chance to progress.
I'm done with this year but I'm not done yet. 

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